PPI Services

1. Federal MIAs: Regional and Particular | Modifications (Art. 28 REIA) | Exemptions (Art. 6 REIA)

2. Local (CDMX, EdoMex, other states)

3. Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA)

4. Elaboration of environmental plans and programs (Technical-Economic Studies, environmental management, flora, fauna, soil, air monitoring, soil protection, etc.)

1. Equator Principles

2. Projects for the reduction of emissions

3. Projects for the reduction and reuse of waste

4. Projects for the monitoring of pollutant emissions

5. Diagnosis, evaluation and development of projects to reduce the impacts of climate change

6. Greenhouse gas inventories

1. Treatment plant and water treatment plant projects

2. Operation of private and municipal treatment plants and water treatment plants

1. Diagnostics of Industrial Safety

2. Process Safety Audits

3. Environmental Risk (health) Studies - Risk Based Corrective Action

4. Landfill projects

1. Projects for the reuse and recirculation of water

2. Hydroelectric plant projects

3. Irrigation system projects

4. Drinking water and sewerage projects

5. Block water supply projects

1. PROFEPA Environmental Audits - verification unit accredited by ema

2. Environmental diagnostics

3. Local Environmental Audits (e.g. CDMX)

1. Phase I, II and III studies

2. Restoration of contaminated soil

3. Characterization of contaminated sites

It is to satisfy the needs of our clients in environmental matters by offering multidisciplinary technical excellence and ensuring federal and local regulatory compliance.
To be widely recognized as a leading consulting firm in the field of pollution control and environmental protection.
Service, teamwork, continuous improvement, commitment, quality, professional ethics.

Some of our projects

Government of Mexico City

Continuity of the process of accreditation of physical-chemical parameter of the central control laboratory 2017 and conservation of the accredited parameters

National Water Commission

Environmental study for the modification of the project for the construction of the el caracol pumping plant in terms of environmental impact.

Secretariat of Communications and Transport Directorate General of Ports

Elaboration of format H, for the project of construction of fishing dock in Chuburna Yucatan.


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